Cahootify, Creating an online presence for film-makers


Cahootify is an online portfolio which allows you to showcase your own film-making talents, as well as find people with similar talents in order to make more projects. Its a site which allows you to connect with anyone who’s looking for your talents or for someone who wants to promote themselves. One thing which will help you become more successful is keeping up a good online presence. Coinciding with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will help you look much more professional  when applying for roles on the site.

Cahootify is difficult to class into our modern categorisation of webpages. Whilst it has elements of a social network like allowing anyone with internet access to connect to each other just like Facebook and Twitter, it certainly is missing many elements which help people stay connected. For instance, group chats and the ability to post whatever you like (within reason). I would argue that its more like an online community instead. This is mainly down to the fact that whilst it is a large group of people sharing what they enjoy doing, it doesn’t have as much free reign as other leading social media websites. This is why I think it makes more sense classing it as an online community, since its still a group of people who share similar interests.

cahootify page

One thing you can do in order to keep up your online presence is including your previous work and projects you’re making on Facebook. By posting content relevant to the projects your working on, you’ll be proving you’re passionate about your work, as well as keeping potential employers up to date with projects you’re working on and projects you’ve previously worked on.

Twitter can be an ideal platform to promote your work, one feature in particular is the “Promote” option. This feature allows you to purchase a promotion, which puts your content at the top of peoples home pages. This will mean that the content you’ve promoted will be at the very start of peoples home pages as they start Twitter up, so a lot of people will so it. You can promote one of your previous films you’ve created, include a link in the description to your Cahootify page, so that future employers can see your work.

What Cahootify does particularly well is showcase previous work what users have done, this is mainly through videos and text descriptions. Users tend to create their own YouTube videos so they can then link it back to their Cahootify page. The two services coincide with each other perfectly because it helps users prove what work they’ve done, and helps employers view what future employee’s have done in the past. This helps show how the user is adaptable to multiple different social media platforms, and in turn, makes them seem much more employable.

With the inclusion of Facebook chat, its becoming increasingly easier to find people with the same interests as you. What you can do in order to boost your online presence is join multiple Facebook group chats about film making. Doing this will not only boost your online presence because you’re making other people aware of what you’re doing, but it will also help you find potential job opportunities since you’re talking to people who are interested in the same work field.

Alongside your Cahootify page, keeping your social media sites up to date is key to producing and maintaining a professional online presence. Constantly updating your Cahootify profile with projects you’ve been working on will show potential employers that you’ve been keeping yourself busy. Also, keeping your social media profiles up to date with what you’ve been doing shows consistency. For example, you could post video updates in a vlog style on YouTube of whats been keeping you busy, and videos of the projects you’ve been working on, on Twitter and Facebook you could post status’s about what you’re going to be doing. Whilst keeping an online presence isn’t vital to success, it will definitely help show that you’re determined and passionate about what you’re doing, since you’re so willing to share it with the public.

Another idea that will gain you a lot more online presence is using a range of taxonomies in order to promote yourself and your projects. Twitter is a great example, as using hashtags in order to promote your specialty will get you recognition. If you were a film-maker for example, using hashtags such as #Film or  #Photographer, will get you more attention and recognition from other film-makers and photographers. A very important hashtag to include for this instance is the Cahootify hashtag. If you include this hashtag then it will make other people aware that you’ve got Cahootify as well, and can find your profile to possibly employ you in the future.

One simple trick which will make you much more popular on social media is following back accounts which have followed you. Showing you care about your community will get you a lot more social media attention, since some well known celebrities like Michael McIntyre have been known to keep on top of following people back, which is why so many people follow him, for bragging rights that a well known celebrity is following them back. The same rules will apply for smaller accounts like personal ones, if you show you care about your community then you will gain a much larger online presence. Another feature which is on similar lines is re-tweeting people who have tagged you in posts on Twitter. Doing so will show everyone who is following you that you take time to read posts you’ve been tagged in, which will result in more people tweeting at you in order to gain your attention. Just showing to your community that you care about them is a very important part of maintaining a large social media presence.michael mcclkkcs

A common mistake that people will make when it comes to social media is often at times having no social media presence is often much better than having one which is rarely updated and isn’t looked after. If people follow your profiles from Cahootify, Twitter and Facebook and see that you only post about once a month about your work, then this proves you aren’t passionate about the projects you’re working on. Where as if you don’t have any social media presence, then this could show that you’re dedicating your time and effort other places. Not keeping your social media profiles up to date will reflect poorly on the quality of your professional work as it shows a lack of commitment.

Whilst on Cahootify, adding other people who you’ve been working with could gain you more social media presence. Posting other people you’ve worked with will show others that you’re diverse, and able to work with a wide range of people. Whilst posting on social media that you’re working with other people of the same interest will also help you gain an audience, this is down to posting photographs, status updates etc. of the other person you’re collaborating with, you’ll also gain some of their audience as well. This will also show your audience that you’re willing to go the extra mile to make your content even better, this too will gain you a larger online presence.

Whilst having your own name in the film-making industry is important, one tip that you could do in order to get more of an online presence is upload your film to a video sharing channel on YouTube. By uploading your video to channels such as #Shortfilm, you’ll get credit for the video at the end of the video title, which drive internet traffic towards your channel. What this will also do is include you into an even wider film making community, and can potentially land you another role if you link them back to your Cahootify page.short films

Future employers can also utilise social media in order to recruit other film-makers. What they could do is log onto Facebook, find a local film making society on either Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and evaluate the quality of their film-making skills. After they’ve found an appropriate candidate for the job, all they need to do is message them on either social media platform and spark up a conversation with them about employment.

facebook film group

So there it is, there are some quick tips in order to gain a much larger online presence. The online world can be daunting at times, but companies like Cahootify and Facebook etc. are making it much more easier to find a community to be a part of and grow your own online audience.


-Thomas Allman


Otley Run Survival Guide (Rich Content)

Since I’ve been at uni I’ve faced many challenges, coursework, teaching myself to cook, doing my own laundry (which i still fail at), but one challenge which will be near impossible to complete will be the Otley run, a pub crawl which consists of 12 pubs. For this reason, I’ve created my own info-graphic, since i realised there is no rich content about the Otley run.


Best Christmas Themes in Gaming

Whilst I was younger one thing I looked forward too was switching on my PS3 and seeing which one of my games had a certain Christmas theme which ran for Christmas day. If none of them had any, I’d settle for a simple winter level to get a little festive escape from reality. Here are just a few of my favorite winter/Christmas themed levels in gaming.


  1. Heart of Ice levels – Uncharted 2

The sequel to one of the most revolutionary PS3 games, Uncharted stepped up the game by bringing better graphics, lighting, textures and also weather features (as well as being one of the best-selling PS3 games of all time). During certain sections of the game you’ll find yourself wandering around the snowy mountains of Tibet, trudging through the snow in an attempt to locate a mysterious dagger which will unlock the hidden city of Shangrila. With amazing snow physics which pushes the snow as you walk and covers the player in snow, it’s an immersive and amazing game.



2. Dead Space 3

Not one for the faint-hearted, Dead Space 3 puts you in the shoes of Isaac Clarke, a space engineer who’s job was initially to repair spaceships. Recent events however have made his job a little more difficult, as almost everyone around him has been infected and turned into creatures known as “Nechramorphs”, a horrible mutant human with spikes for hands and uncontrollable rage. The third installment in the series puts you on an entire planet which is constantly battling harsh winds and heavy snow. Fighting creatures whilst being blinded by snowstorms is absolutely terrifying.


3. Hoth Level – Star Wars Battlefront II

Although the new reboot is almost out, I feel like everyone has had fond memories with the famous Hoth level in Star Wars Battlefront II. This level was one of the most diverse levels in the entire game, with both Y-Wings, Tie Fighters, AT-ST’S, AT-AT’S and a whole plethora of vehicles and weapons. Not to mention even being able to play as either Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker. once the match is loaded up you’re thrown onto the snowy battleground of Hoth, sheeted in snow and littered with towing snowy mountains its one of the most iconic Star Wars locations.



4. Batman Arkham Origins

One of the key factors about this game is that it’s actually set on Christmas eve.set as a sequel to both the 2 previous installments in the franchise, this game has batman fight all his regular villains, The Penguin, Killer Croc, DeathStroke and the Electrocutioner. But this game is where he meets his most iconic villain for the first time, The Joker. With Batmans array of gadgets at his disposal, including a grappling hook, Batcape designed for gliding, high-tech x-ray goggles and a whole load more, this is certainly a batman game to remember.



5. Canis Canem Edit (Bully)

Think of Bully as a PG GTA, you play as a rebellious schoolboy by the name of Jimmy Hopkins, who’s sent to one of the worst boarding schools in the country, Bullsworth Academy. Along with the storyline, the chapters all represent the different seasons which change throughout the course of the year. During the end of the second chapter the season changes to winter, and the entire map of the game become sheeted in snow. as the festive holidays roll up all the characters begin to wear festive attire and Christmas decorations fill the map up.


And there we have it, there are 5 of my favourite winter levels in gaming. What are your favourite winter themed levels in gaming? let me know in the comments below!

Google Talk

Earlier this week I got given the opportunity to attend a lecture which Google hosted by Jane Rodgers, which was all based around how to boost your online presence and making your content more visible. Throughout the talk she elaborated on the following:

  • Who are my visitors?
  • How did they find me?
  • What ate they doing on my site?
  • What are they worth to me?

One of her most memorable quotes that she said during the talk would have to be “The more you make us click, the less likely we are to buy it”. Making a webpage which takes a long time to get to a particular page isn’t going to attract customers. Keeping to a minimum of 2-3 clicks in order to find certain information is the ideal amount of clicks, any more and the audience will loose interest.

Here are a few tweets that tweeted during the talk.

Jane has some very insightful pointers too which taught us how to enhance your digital visibility with three easy steps.

  1. Build a consumer friendly website
  2. Learn how to gain consumer insight and measure success
  3. Boost your social presence and tell your story through content.


Here are  few slideshows that she presented to us too.


Interestingly, I learnt that although having a social media presence is beneficial for your company, as Jane quoted “Having no social media presence is better than having an inactive one”. What she means by that is that if your business has a social media account, but don’t ever post on it, then it will make the business look as if they don’t try and they aren’t bothered. Where if you don’t have one at all, then it will appear as if the efforts are being used elsewhere.

I actually found the talk quite interesting! I learnt more than i thought i would have done.


Gaming life at uni

Since I’ve been at university I’ve not been gaming a much as i used to, mainly due to the fact I’ve not brought my console with me. on the other hand i have started playing a lot of mobile games in order to distract myself and procrastinate. I’m not usually one to play mobile games like the ever popular “Candy Crush” and “Temple Run”, but I’ve been playing some really interesting games on my phone and my laptop and explored a whole different sub genre of gaming i wouldn’t have explored if I hadn’t come to university.

  1. Limbo

Before university i’d heard of this game as it was originally an exclusive for the Xbox 360. As time passed though the title eventually became multi-platform, releasing on the PS3, PS4, Xbox One and also IOS. i downloaded the title on both my PS4 and my Ipod and its safe to say i’m really enjoying it. This mysterious title by Danish developers Playdead is an artistic side-scroller based around a lost boy trying to find his sister. Along the way you’re faced with tackling puzzles, giant spiders and crazy men in the woods all with ambient noise and no music, which really sets the tone of the game.


2. Fallout Shelter

From the creators of the beloved ‘Fallout’ franchise, Fallout Shelter is the mobile solution to give you your Fallout fix on the go. Taking a very unique spin on the franchise, it is a base building game in which you create your own fallout shelter and give everyone in the shelter different tasks to complete. Whilst managing your resources you have to be careful of any threats that might happen to your base, like raiders or insect invasions, I’ve put in many hours to this game and i’m not even half way through completing it yet, it constantly pushes you to do better which makes it incredibly addictive.

3. Team Fortress 2

This free-to-play game is one of the most popular and regularly played games in the world. With a strong focus on team work and co-operation, being a lone wolf in this game will not make your team win, unlike games like Call Of Duty, sticking together and understanding your role to benefit the team is the main point of the game. Split into two teams, Red and Blue, you’re tasked with either pushing a bomb into a hole, or defending the bomb so it doesn’t go in the hole. Since the game is totally free you don’t have to pay any money to play, which coming from a student, i think is great.

If you’re looking for more facts and opinions about living at university and being a student, then you should visit 


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Taxonomy VS Folksonomy on Tumblr

Taxonomy on Tumblr

Tumblr uses hashtags as a a way of organizing photos that the user posts, this can categorize the photo so that posts with the same hashtag can all be filtered into an online webpage. Tumblr also features an “recommended for you” button which is used to find brand new content judged on what you’re already following and what you most commonly post about. This organizes all of your interests into one page so you can easily find a post which interests you so you can either “reblog” it or “favorite” it. Whilst Tumblr doesn’t have any folders to store content in, you can archive your content to store them on your blog so that they are organized by the months they are posted. you could also argue that this feature also falls under Folksonomy too due to the organization of the posts.

Folksonomy on Tumblr

Certain blogs have a particular theme that they follow in order to organize what content they want to post. For example, a sports blog will mainly consist of photos and posts based around sports. The posts can all be found by the tags that the user links to them, the sports blog would use the sports name for example on their post. Tumblr also uses a small search cloud to point you in the right direction to a particular topic or theme that may interest you. These may be posted by an official page dedicated to the topic and will organize the content by the tag on the post.

Tumblr has a very unique method to providing content, the website is mainly dedicated to sharing other peoples content rather than posting your own. Whilst you can post your own content, the more popular webpages appear to “reblog” a lot of other relative content.  The more hashtags and tags you use in your photos, if they are all relative to eachother then you may appear as a “recommended blog” to other people. This will increase your amount of followers dramatically.

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What makes content sharable in gaming?

Gaming culture is one of the most popular and most frequently shared platforms on both YouTube and television, gaming culture has flourished over the last half a decade. With YouTube stars such as PewDiePie and many others making a small fortune off of sharing their gameplay online, you can see why it’s becoming such a popular median for the public. But whilst these YouTube videos may provide good content within them, it’s the responsibility of the YouTuber themselves to take advantage of the sharing functions that the website has to offer. Here are just a few examples of what the person can do in order to boost the views of their videos and in turn, make their video more shareable.

  1. Liking and Commenting.

YouTube have implemented the features to both “Like” and “Comment” on whichever video they like. This not only gives the content creator feedback on how to improve his/her videos in the future but also gives the commenter the chance to “tag” other friends in the comment so that they can also see the comment too and also watch the video. Other websites such as Facebook and Twitter also have a very similar feature.

2. Sharing Features.

Both YouTube and Facebook give you the opportunity to “share” the video with their friends and post it on whichever platform they desire. YouTube, for example, has an option to share the video right next to the “like” and “comment” button which allows you to share it on any other social media websites with your friends on that platform.

3. Word of mouth

Whilst this one may seem blatantly obvious, word of mouth is a contributing factor of why the content is so popular. Since the gaming entertainment is one of the most viewed platforms on the internet, a lot of the time conversations will spark about watching other videos that people have watched. Due to their popularity, it’s no surprise that these videos seem to become one of the most commonly shared platforms out there.

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2015 Wishlist

With 2016 just around the corner, it seems like 2016’s most anticipated titles are just an arms reach away, but why wait an entire two months when we’ve still got some great titles in 2015 still to come out! here’s of my personal favorites still to arrive this year.

  1. Fallout 4

Set in a post-apocalyptic world based on a futuristic 1940’s America, The Fallout series is a one which is certainly a unique experience and the first franchise I think about when I think about Post-apocalypse.  Although this one may seem quite obvious, Fallout 4 is the game on everybody’s wishlist. With enhanced graphics and a brand new gaming engine, its a giant leap forward to its predecessors. Whilst Fallout New Vagas scores highly on sites such as Gamespot and IGN, Fallout 4 has combated the flaws of the previous installments and improved on them greatly. Shooting mechanics are much more fluent, character animations are much smoother, and character customization offers many more possibilities that the previous games. With a release window of early November, it’s a title worth getting excited for.

      2. Starwars Battlefront

The Star Wars universe is a franchise very close to a lot of our hearts, and among many other I spent my childhood playing the previous Starwars Battlefront games on my old PS2. This new installment in the franchise set to be released in November, just a week before the film is one of the most anticipated titles of the year. Using the new Frostbite Engine that the Battlefield games have been known to use, the graphics look almost photo-realistic. With sound effects taken straight from the movies and iconic characters returning such as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, it’s difficult to not get excited for this massive triple A title. Whilst the space combat features that were very dearly loved have been taken out, a larger focus on ground combat and planetary flight combat its a compromise we can accept.

3. Just Cause 3

This action packed, over the top 3rd person shooter is yet to have a concrete release date, but is predicted to hit shelves during late 2015. The Just Cause franchise is well known for its destructibility


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